Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Headed?

I keep on having people ask me this question so I thought I would address it in a blog post (I normally hate talking about myself as I would rather discuss philosophy or science but since I KEEP on getting this question asked, I'm going to address it).

I know the hair-dye and hair care industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Furthermore, I know very few women who haven't played around with their hair or had it colored/highlighted or professionally styled or cut at some point in their life-time.

No, I do not naturally have red hair--though some of the strands are naturally strawberry blonde in color. I started playing around with my natural color (more of a blonde color) in early 2011. Most everyone who knows me personally, thinks of me as a blonde so I don't feel the need to come up to random strangers in public and declare, "By the way, I dye my hair red sometimes but I'm natural everywhere else".

Anyways, I like the color and if famous movie stars and celebrities can get away with dying their hair, why can't those of us average folk in the mass population? Christina Hendricks dyes her hair red (she has a naturally dish-water blonde color) and no one thinks anything about it (link below). I say, do what works for you. People tell me that the color works for me though.

All this being said, there are plenty of red-haired genes in my family however.

For example, here is a picture of my naturally red-headed Uncle (my father's brother) and his family.  Nathan (the dark haired man) married one of my cousins. My Aunt is the dark-haired woman who has noticeable lighter highlights in her hair.

more blonde

 more red


  1. You knos, its good to see more people choosing red instead of blonde. Actress Laura Prepon (That 70's show) was a gorgeous redhead but turned blonde later on. It's not quite the same. Emma stone is a natural blonde that dyes her hair red. As for me, I never dyed my hair whick is golden blonde but me beard turns reddish as it grows. I used to grow my hair long (down to waist up until 1990) then decided to keep it short. Something about hair colors other than blonde that helps frame and focuses on the face. This is especially true if your skin is of a paler shade. Christina Ricci looks great with black hair but looks odd to me with blonde. I don't know what else to say about this.

  2. Sorry about my spelling and a correction, I cut off my hair in 1999 not 1990. I did not have long hair in 1990 (which was when I was 10 years old). I had it cut at 19.

  3. I was one of the idiots that asked this, my sincere apologies ;)

    The fact doesn't phase me but what did phase me was that a friend was arguing that it wasn't a natural colour where I thought it was, I just thought I'd ask out of sheer curiosity to settle the matter, nothing else. Sorry :/