Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Sorry Ladies, there really is a Man Shortage" Article

Just stumbled upon an interesting article:

I posted my own thoughts on this issue (somewhat related) in my most popular blog post (based on # of views) here:


Dating is a Numbers game-- My other blog post

I don't have much more to say on this--well I do--but I'll spare you them today. The only thing I will say is this:

Many young women (under the age of 35) still want to get married (or, at least find a long-term monogamous companion). Conversely, the percentage of young men who wish to do the same is far less. This trend only seems to be getting worse especially as we consider the statistics of who wants to get married in today’s world compared to who wanted to get married in previous decades. 

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Yes, statistics reveal that fewer men want to get married while women's interest in finding a long-term partner (especially as they get older) has increased.

Is it because of the job scarcity for men in America?


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  2. Besides the economics of dating, there is a very important and factual reason why men in the USA are getting less and less interested in american women. We are basically tired of their self entitlement, unfounded feminism, bad attitude, laziness, materialism, and overall falseness. These traits can be found in the population, but in this country is just getting out of control. Do you have any video on what men hate about women in the USA?

    A different situation is in Latvia, where the shortage of men is even worst. Some studies have shown that there are socio-economic reasons (e.g. changes into a free market system) have have crippled men into a highly reduced work force. Few men can hold a job, not into drinking, and not depressed or deeply demoralized. All these situations are really complex. Women there are really in trouble. Check this article.

    In addition, religious women (e.g. Christians), blatantly ignore any good quality a non-believer may have just because of their dogma that tells them to "marry only in the lord". Men are leaving religions hugely and the gender disproportion is enormous inside the churches. All these women have chose to be destined to be single or "to marry the lord himself", in the company of their cats.

    This topic is always a good reading. Thanks for sharing.

  3. While I can agree with the stats of the events, I think more study needs to be done on why this is happening. I think the it would be a wide spectrum based on economics and shifts in culture. For some, it would be economic reasons but for others, they may not see a point in long term relationships. Others have a hard time finding someone they can live with, while others kept being step on by the bad ones. Many people are just happy being single (or have no choice).

    I just think there is no ONE answer. Just a range based on how you are and the environment you live in.

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