Thursday, September 1, 2011

Learning to Sew!

Here are a few of my amateur sewing creations over the past year. I have fumbled around with my machine and consider my attempts decent considering I don't use patterns and just "look at clothes in my closet". I never took a domestic class in high school, didn't attend 4-H and my Mother didn't teach me how to sew. The internet offers a surfeit of ideas and helpful tips. Anyone can learn how to sew. I plan to attempt more challenging projects this coming Fall.

Apron I made while looking at another one! The pocket is so cute and fun!!

This little mini-skirt was a bit more challenging. There is a zipper in the back and it had to fit just perfectly. It does! I wear it all the time! I made a kitchen apron out of the remaining material.

Cute little coin purse with Velcro closure.

Quilted coin purse with zipper closure.

Lemon and Orange Slice placemats! Adorable!

Chair cushion with piping border :)

Baby changing pad and baby burp cloths with terry cloth interior, cute firework pattern for baby boy. I once would sell these on ebay as they are extremely simple to sew.

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