Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reality loops

If anything, it is a splendid thought, that through countless epochs of time, generation after generation after generation; from time past to time present, we are finally here! We have arrived. The universe gave birth to mind; for through us, it can better know itself. We are sentient and able to take part in this glorious universe and experience it like no other life-form has ever been able to.

Our journey to the present has been treacherous one, filled with significant and subtle twists and turns, death and survival and triumph. We have defied the insurmountable odds of us being here at all—and this is what makes our current existence so precious, so incredibly exhilarating to the senses…when you understand this journey.

You rewind time further, back to the supernovae, to where the organic compounds of all life-forms have their emergence. Further still, to the beginning of the universe, and ultimately to that supremely dense, primeval seed from which our universe unfurled. Our value is inescapable if we measure the probability of us being here vs. the odds.

I find this view to be far more replete with splendor and glory than your garden variety supernatural view. I find ideologies that mark upon the young, formative brain “you’re worthless, wretched and sinful” to be the bad ones because they teach a hatred of self that radiates outward and infects others.

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