Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just read Mark Driscoll’s status update. It is print-screened above. Does any other creature beside the human think such self-deprecatory thoughts? How could we bring our brains to this level of self-disgust….self loathing? We fight this tendency to think harshly and critically of ourselves on a daily basis. Some people struggle with a continual state of depression, self-hatred and thoughts that lead them to suicide. Christianity attempts with all its might to infect this meme deeper and deeper into the programming of our brains. Does anyone really deserve hell? Does anyone really deserve to be tortured with fire for all eternity? What could motivate a person to think like this? How could this scenario ever be morally plausible? Could it be that the application of fear is an effective manipulator? Could it be that once our brains become affected by fear, we think less critically and we more easily accept other claims promoted by such person or philosophy (Christianity, in this case)?