Friday, January 31, 2014

On Being an UGLY WOMAN....

(I wrote this a long time ago so this is OLD but have recently deleted the blog-post of this particular section (an entirely different subject) so I'm adding this one in here to fill in the gap instead of delete the posting entry entirely. The article linked at the bottom of my post is quite interesting as well.

Also, here is another link to one woman who speaks about being ugly:

And another link entitled "What It's like to live as an Unattractive woman"

My Personal Thoughts...

Today I am immensely sorry for my existence. As I reflect upon the very large number of deeply pitted acne scars on my face and consider how many thousands upon thousands of hours of my life-time I’ve devoted to thinking about them and working towards improving them I realize I’ve come very few steps closer to where I need to be. I've even had plastic surgeons feel sorry for me and then tell me, "I don't think I've seen so many acne scars on a (female) face before." During my teenage years my best friend's mom said to my parent's, "Well, at least her face looks like that (e.g.scars/acne) or else she might be fairly attractive and go down the wrong path with guys."

Psychologically I’m destroyed by them—if not directly, indirectly. Since their first appearance few classmates would accept me as a friend or even speak to me and acknowledge me.

I became someone that was ignored and when the attention did come my way, it was hostile and cruel and would vocally detail how ugly I was and how ruined my face was.

I still remember vividly all the little incidents in 9th grade where I was apprised of my ugly existence and how worthless I was. From these experiences I learned to be introverted.

I remember the time a couple years ago when I was working as a cashier at a store and an elderly gentleman, purchasing the erectile dysfunction supplement Yohimbe, asked me in front of a line of customers, “What happened to your face?.  Now that is a very difficult thing to respond to.

When you are a female and you realize that you’re ugly you live very differently than if you’re pretty. Your life shrinks down to the four corners of your bedroom and then, to the prison of your mind.

You can’t get out of an ugly face. You must live there trapped, realizing people really do like better-looking people more. If life is a hierarchy, you are at the bottom. At this lowly position you better hope with every fiber of your being that you have an above average I.Q. because if you don’t, you will be nothing and you will go no where.  As a female, you’re sunk and you will never find your way up, ever.   Aging only magnifies your inherent asymmetries and deformities.

If you are a naturally slower learner and you have facial asymmetry, count on a fairly horrid existence where each and every day you struggle for your own survival.  People will never ask you out, the only males ever to be interested in you will just be interested in a short sexual rendezvous (which they will grimace about later).  Nothing will ever be free for you and you will never have a life-long partner whom you can share a long-term relationship or marriage with.  Let us not forget the advantages of those individuals who have a life-long partner. They will be able to pool their monies together and save. They help each other out through the conquest of life.  The burden is much softer and easier when you have someone by your side.

However, if you are one of those females who cannot attract a mate when you are young, count on fighting against life by your lonesome, especially during the brutal, despairing days of your old-age.

A man will never have this problem because the value of a man is not placed on his appearance and no longer is it even placed on his ability to provide and protect—but simply on his being a man. With the scarcity of men comes value in simply being one.

Alas, with the overabundance of females in society comes the demands for women to not only offer beauty but a decent paying job, a motherly instinct and thousands of other “appropriate” personality characteristics.  My prediction is that the demands upon women will be so high that I foresee women in the future having a higher rate of suicide than men.

I am saddened that I must continually fight with life to keep myself propped up from drowning.  Why must  life’s experiences constantly titillate my ego and my drive for happiness giving me tastes—concentrated morsels of the goodness that exists in very temporary forms and then are removed from me just when I sigh a breath of relief?

One thinks they can endure this but it does nothing to strengthen any of the character qualities and it does nothing to inspire motivation.

Why attempt to move forward if moving forward has always resulted in moving back? I lose more and more of my possessions with every break-up and the time and effort I’ve put into things goes no where.

You may say that I have gone off on an irrational tangent—but I disagree.  My claim is that looks and beauty are the strongest factor determining the survival and well-being of a females and the level of happiness that she experiences.

My claim is that the vast majority of women who have been invited into long-term relationships with the male gender—have, at least during their youth, been appointed with above-average looks. There will obviously be exceptions to the rule.

If you think what I’m suggesting is “You’re on drugs, invalid” consider asking another question, are the vast majority of ugly faced, over-weight women in long-term relationships with very committed men? I would wager not. If you have evidence to suggest that we live in a society where women are rated 1 out of 10 on a "kindness/character" scale and not on a "hotness" scale, do tell me please.

Even a very nice, kind guy isn’t going to go for a woman with an asymmetrical face. Kind, committed men obviously know they have options because the vast majority of women want this kind of man. In other words, from a female perspective there is an exceptionally high demand for a kind, committed man and so he will surely have his choices of the fairest/kindest/ mates.

Wealthier guys seem to have the provider glitz that makes them supremely attractive to women because many women who haven’t scored high paying jobs have underlying fears about their own survival and long-term security.

The website below goes into some of my thinking in better detail.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SEX (not PORN??) makes you SMARTER?

Interesting article I came across yesterday. Since my blog tends to focus on things related to brain/mind here it is if you haven't already seen it. I think it will be something that I want to look more into/learn more about.