Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Headed?

I keep on having people ask me this question so I thought I would address it in a blog post (I normally hate talking about myself as I would rather discuss philosophy or science but since I KEEP on getting this question asked, I'm going to address it).

I know the hair-dye and hair care industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Furthermore, I know very few women who haven't played around with their hair or had it colored/highlighted or professionally styled or cut at some point in their life-time.

No, I do not naturally have red hair--though some of the strands are naturally strawberry blonde in color. I started playing around with my natural color (more of a blonde color) in early 2011. Most everyone who knows me personally, thinks of me as a blonde so I don't feel the need to come up to random strangers in public and declare, "By the way, I dye my hair red sometimes but I'm natural everywhere else".

Anyways, I like the color and if famous movie stars and celebrities can get away with dying their hair, why can't those of us average folk in the mass population? Christina Hendricks dyes her hair red (she has a naturally dish-water blonde color) and no one thinks anything about it (link below). I say, do what works for you. People tell me that the color works for me though.

All this being said, there are plenty of red-haired genes in my family however.

For example, here is a picture of my naturally red-headed Uncle (my father's brother) and his family.  Nathan (the dark haired man) married one of my cousins. My Aunt is the dark-haired woman who has noticeable lighter highlights in her hair.

more blonde

 more red

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Psychological needs for God?

I see another reason why God must have been created by the human mind. The emotional and physical duress that some humans experience in their lifetime is so horrible that the idea of God as an everlasting, sustaining force—a friend that sticks by closer than a brother—is something powerfully satisfying and calming; a cure or antidote for life’s constant imbalance.

Also, the idea that Jesus was convicted and killed despite his innocence resonates with many who have been wrongfully accused, sent to prison or jailed, when they are actually innocent of the crime. One of the most painful feelings to have in life is to be accused of something when you know you’re innocent—yet no one else believes you. You become ENTIRELY alone. You might as well be dead. It is worse though, because you have to live with this knowledge and understanding.  To have a deity affected by a similar circumstance? Well, that means he's traveled in our shoes and can understand our most trenchant pains.

When you think of the number of people in your personal life that you have been willing to interact with and give the time of day to—yet who are willing to give up on you after a certain point… when you think upon all of life’s tumultuous moments, almost dying of a disease or being currently plagued by one, perhaps a loved one is battling a disease…when you reflect upon all of life’s pain, break-ups and divorces, being ripped apart and insulted for every quark of your person on a literally daily basis, all the mistakes made, all the times your honest intentions have been misrepresented and misinterpreted, friends of old have turned against you—perhaps your mind needs to fabricate a succor.

Alas, we see the creation of a force that is forever unchanging, always there for you—a presence who cares for you. Whilst the rejection from old friends or relatives and the death of loved ones, you still have God. You still have someone who knows your situation and understands what you are going through and is there by your side. This person will always love you.

It is as if you created a copy of yourself in your mind that can identify with you in every way—someone who will always be there for you. Religion only adds more structure (i.e. doctrines) to this nebulous human desire. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Youtube Trolls

  This is a video I made as I thought about trolls yesterday. I guess my prediction is this: If you are a troll the chance of you ever having videos uploaded where you are physically present in the video discussing a particular topic are slim to none.  Yes, I spelled the word omniscient incorrectly and I use the word "dialect" in the wrong tense; I meant to say "have a dialectic with".

Vlog about opinions

Some of you may have seen this already. I am going to start posting vlog-type videos here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Supernova thoughts

I want to understand ideas like nuclear fusion….inside stars—how hydrogen fuses into helium and on up the list of heavier atomic elements to eventually iron. At this point, the force of gravity that the star exerts is greater than its radiation and this event brings forth a supernova. The gaseous outer shell of the star comes crashing into the dense iron core creating this dramatic stellar explosion. Many more elements are cooked up at this point which makes them available to solar systems. Solar systems have all the available elements to create life, thanks to the supernovae. I’m dredging up things I learned a decade ago. Thanks to the internet we call learn more about hydrogen fusion but I learned this from watching videos like "Cosmos" from the library. If I'm even remotely correct in my understanding/recall here, I'm giving myself a fucking memory badge and a big thanks to the fantastic educator, Carl Sagan.