Thursday, March 29, 2018

Pagan party and Easter EGG Cake I made

Here is a cake I made to bring in springtime with my children--and a little party :)
My Pagan Party for kids???


  1. No plans for celebrating Easter this year (as usual), but as far as celebrating pagan things, I do plan to attend the annual Medieval fair here and put it up on youtube.

  2. The similarity between 'rabbit' and 'rabbi' and between 'hare' and 'hari', 'heir' and 'Harry' suggested the animal's symbolism may not be limited to some obscure pagan tradition:

    | "Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism have associations with an ancient circular motif called the three rabbits (or "three hares"). Its meaning ranges from "peace and tranquility", to purity or the Holy Trinity, to Kabbalistic levels of the soul or to the Jewish diaspora. The tripartite symbol also appears in heraldry and even tattoos." --