Friday, September 14, 2018


Every day and every night before I dive into the underworld of sleep, I find myself completing inconsequential tasks. I’m unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry and chauffeuring it off to its designated drawers or closets.

 I’m picking up toys, and gadgets…and books. I’m wiping off cupboards and counters; and all of this is being done after 10:30pm—when the children have finally gone to bed.
 Instead of employing my intellect and reading about fascinating topics or writing down my thoughts, my time is displaced by constant, undervalued, invisible clean-up. This is labor that imparts not intellectual or academic value to my mind. There is almost no part of this that can be accessed and marketed at a future time. This is time not simply wasted—but time spent on wear and tear on the human body.

Almost all my daily hours are displaced and taken over by physical labor. I am now fully convinced that this is the reason women throughout the ages have made very few strides in science, engineering and invention (compared to men).  It is women who have been mothers throughout millennia. And, being a mother means all of those moments that you could have used to research a particular topic, invent something or become a prominent scientist, were used—were displaced—by childcare and housework duties.

 If you give women more time, you’ll find that they could manifest incredible results—because their drive for success, education and influence is so strong. Women are naturally ambitious perfectionists and tend to be quite conscientious. They are extremely hard working. Many are growing up to value their time and their acquisition of knowledge. So many women want to act upon…within this world and make a difference and many realize that the time to do this is short.

I keep hearing the phrase, “The Future is Female” and I am frightful that this will likely be the case. As a group, we as women are pushing forward at astounding speeds. Our ambition and courage is nearing its peak.

Around the globe, women are multi-tasking everywhereto untold degrees of madness. Were taking care of children while cleaning our houses, juggling education and careers, pursuing creative business ventures and dabbling with side hobbies to enrich our minds that give us even more skills.

I am not one of these women. I’m currently a full-time, stay-at-home Mom. I’ve become very aware of what’s happening on a social scale because I’ve found myself to be in the minority. I’ve been given a distinct vantage point of what is going on in the general female population around the globe. People always seem to be jarred with shock when I mention that I’m a stay-at-home mom without a side business, career and not taking any online college courses. Compared to most other women, I feel like a slacker.

And, this is where my lamentations come in for the phrase, “The Future is Female”. Women are the new men. The new group in society who must bear the brunt of the hardship, family loyalty as well as work both outside and inside the home—while the men are all off accomplishing the vast amount of the leisure and entertainment and downtime.

 Jordan Peterson has said, “There is going to be a time when women will have to work because men won’t.” I have arrived at a recent theory myself. My predictions about society are derived from all the observations I’ve been accumulating over the past decade as I watch the interactions and associations between the male and female gender in various societies—in cities literally all over the world.

Certainly, the data reveals that among the younger cohort in society, women are taking the lead in terms of college education, degrees, entrepreneurial ventures and careers that make a decent living. Even in mediocre or menial minimum wage jobs it appears that younger women are equaling or even outnumbering younger men.

But I think that when women are the primary breadwinners in society, this spells doom for the long-term health and welfare of society…of civilization itself. It’s particularly damning for women who prefer marriage and long-term, tightly committed, monogamous heterosexual relationships.

Currently, women are taught to think that they are like Atlas—that they can be all things. But we are not. At some point things are going to give; Atlas’ arms are going to weaken and break off.

Women cannot continually be assigned every single job in society while their counterparts—males within their age cohort—sit back and spend their most valuable, youthful years playing video games, watching videos, eating fast food and living off the estate (i.e. their parents or grandparents).

Women are doled out almost every conceivable task in modern society and take it on fully—from careers to raising children, to running entire households to cooking, cleaning, hobbies and extra side ventures. On top of all this, very many are taking night classes to improve their educational outlook. Women everywhere seem to be juggling it all.

However, there is one thing that the vast majority of women want more than anything.  In the end, even more than a successful career, women really do want a man. They want a committed partner…a marriageable mate…a long-term, monogamous relationship with a man. Yet, by the time women are ready for that kind of a relationship—they’ve achieved the education and career that they’ve so diligently sought after, they discover that it’s too late. This is because the men within their sphere of influence and the men they find desirable—even the men they find with the minimum level of decency for their standards—have already either married and partnered off. The few single men available are inmates, only interested in short-term flings or have gone down the irrevocable path of bachelorhood.

These days, things are very difficult for women who will have an 80+ year life span. But, unlike what you hear shouted from all corners of Western society and in every social media post, it’s not because women are being oppressed or denied opportunities or unable to participate in politics.
 Just ask your typical woman in society why she has so much anxiety, why she is so depressed…why she is so unhappy and she will inevitably respond with something about her current relationship—something to do with a man (or lack thereof).

No matter what anyone would like to tell you or what people would like to hear, clearly heterosexual women are very wrapped up, entangled and affected by the men around them and the relationships they do (or do not) have with them.
But women have, unbeknownst to them, contributed to the problems they are now facing in society.

I think that the mating pattern and the entire unfolding of (Western) society has been going in a deleterious, almost dysgenic direction. It’s hard to pin-point when, exactly, when this transgression began. Perhaps women have become desperate and are lowering their standards—willing to mate with men in hopes of future commitment. 
As a result, women in Western society have been gradually intermixing their genes with unfit men. (This is not to suggest that women in society are necessarily “better” than the men within their cohort).  It’s just that for mating purposes, it is the female species who must be the choosy one. For it is the female who chooses whom she will mate with---if anyone at all.

Thus, it is absolutely necessary for women to find the fittest mate for the welfare of her future offspring and the welfare of future society. And, by "fittest" here, we mean a mate who has attributes that would foment the survival of her children—a mate who has strong protector and provider qualities; a monogamous mate whom she can count on for provision in both times of hardship and health. A polygamous man will have many offspring and not be able to devote the amount of resources, time and care to her children that a monogamous man could.

How else can a female raise her offspring without such a (monogamous) partnership? Society may currently pretend like this is feasible. But it is only feasible with the help of the ultimate sugar daddy, The State—and all its financial goodies. While a single mother can still work and have her career, she will undoubtedly be assisted by the State with the survival of her children. She will get numerous entitlements like housing, food, cash, healthcare, and even daycare…even reduced student lunches if her children attend public schools.

If (and when) the father has abandoned her, she will have The State to look after her children—and, by necessary extension, herself. She won’t have to give up her educational pursuits or her career either—the things that modern women desire more than anything else. The State, in essence, will allow her to have her cake and eat it too. Of course, this is in exchange for her vote—her allegiance to the State. The State gains more and more power by this set-up while the individuals in society lose their liberty.

But I believe that teaching women to depend on the State instead of on another person/partner will have harmful consequences for the future of society. This is what is happening here. The State, in effect, teaches women that they need not be extremely picky with whom they mate with, because they know that they have a back-up, (The powerful State, of course). They know that with the help of The State they will indeed be able to juggle single Motherhood, their career and even their education.

For the long-term welfare of society—even the survival of human society, itself, women must be taught to be extremely choosy in the mate selection process. Promulgating genes from men who are mentally unstable, uncommitted, dull, or who live out their lives in apathy and stupor is to promote dysgenics in society.

Remember, society in aggregate will end up being a reflection of the genes that it has to work with—the genes that are being expressed.

If society should have any “goals” at all, dysgenics should probably not be one of them.